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Data Cleansing

Don't waste time manually appending your data. Ampliz Infinity lets you automate these processes allowing you to do more. Get higher match rates and better delivery with faster time lines through the Ampliz Infinity AI that is powered to do more in less time.

  • Manage global and individual lists

  • Manage merge

  • Automated normalization

  • Automated cleansing as per need

Data Verification

Verified data is the best data. Ampliz Infinity lets you set up fully automated processes to verify the data you have in your CRM. Set timelines, manage datasets and get results quickly. Everything can be done within a secured cloud server giving you maximum independence and faster results.



Add Net New Data

Use the infinite depth of the data vaults of Ampliz and add net new data to your marketing databases. Everything can be scheduled and automated to ensure you don't waste your time sourcing, verifying, eliminating and classifying this data.




Phone & Email and many more!

Data Enrichment

Keep your data fit and ready to work with the automated data enrichment process of Ampliz Infinity. Push and pull data from your CRM to the cloud based infrastructure and set up fully automated enrichment commands. Our AI will work in the background and get your data ready to go!

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Salesforce, Marketo and Eloqua

Ampliz Infinity connects seamlessly with Salesforce and Eloqua currently for push and pull of data. It is completely automated with API enablement. You have the option of using a private cloud server with keys with you for higher safety and faster processing. Improve your enterprise data management process with Ampliz Infinity.


We already have 2 enterprises signed up for Ampliz Infinity before we hit the market! That is the power of database enablement we offer for large companies grappling with massive datasets and their maintenance. We have fully automated data workflows for these 2 clients and we look forward to simplifying their data needs and management as we go along.

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